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Do you know what week I love each spring?  The ONE WEEK that cherry blossoms are in full bloom!!  There are so many beautiful areas around Minneapolis with amazing flowering trees I always try to have at least one photography session with the cherry blossoms each year.  Sorry folks- we are way past that now (is it really July already?!?) but here are some amazing images that can only be captured if you are an early bird!


Seniors for 2015….want a cherry blossom session? Schedule it for next year NOW. I’m serious.  You get ONE SHOT.


There are a few questions I always get when planning a High School Senior picture session outside of the normal availability and investment.  “What do I wear?” and “Can you fix (duhn duhn duhn)…zits…red spots…blemishes….?” Yes I said it.


WHAT TO WEAR: Let’s talk about how to chose your outfits for your session.  The number one most important thing is that the outfit is YOU.  I never, ever want you to feel uncomfortable in your clothing!  Don’t just buy something because you think that’s what you should wear.  Make SURE it’s totally you!! Next, think about the type of session we are planning.  I sit down with every client to plan their perfect session (urban, nature, vintage, concept, dramatic etc) and we talk through both locations and wardrobe.  What you wear will help define the final mood and look of your images so start thinking first about your overall session feel and then we’ll apply the perfect wardrobe to it!  I also love it when you send me pictures to help you plan!  (And who doesn’t need another excuse to go shopping?).  One last thing- make sure your clothes fit correctly!  Clothes that are too tight will actually make you look larger than you are!! Clothes that are too loose can look sloppy.  Girls- I know the wide shirts are in!  They look great when moving in them but in still shots they make you look, well, wide. Look for things a little more form fitting and you’ll look slim and gorg.

RETOUCHING: Normally I hate the phrase “You can fix that in photoshop, right?” EXCEPT when it comes to those darn blemishes.  We all have them.  And yes, I can fix them.  BUT before your senior picture session make sure to drink tons of water!! This will help your skin hydrate and glow.  If you do have blemishes DON’T WORRY.  My makeup artist is a genius at hiding blemishes and making your skin absolutely glow!  One of the reasons many of my clients hire me (for headshots as well!) is because of my retouching techniques.  Retouching/Airbrushing is a complimentary part of booking with Megan Engeseth Photography.   I retouch skin to make it look smooth but not plasticy like you see a lot in your friend’s images.  I custom retouch each image by hand and don’t just run it through a skin smoothing software.  This means your skin will look smooth and natural without the Barbie effect!!!  You will look absolutely perfect.


I can’t wait to see how beautiful you will look.  Are you ready?


This is an evening light session. Perfect for that golden glow!!  Speaking of skin, check out her glow and those amazeballs freckles!!!

I ADORE her freckles!!!

And for a little drama….


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