Bloomington, MN Family photographer | The biggest smiles….

Well, today was a sad day. If you know me, you’d be well aware of the fact that I have a major coffee addiction…like “I would like a central line directly into my vein” kind of addiction.  A month ago, I dropped a bit of money on a super sweet coffee maker with a thermal carafe.  This thing was awesome.  Amazing coffee, never burned, stayed hot for 4 HOURS!!  This meant I could savor a whole pot all morning without the final cup tasting like an ashtray.  ONE MONTH LATER…it broke. Goodbye yummy hours of coffee.  Hello crabby photographer day… Starbucks date anyone?!?

So what’s (almost) better than coffee? Cute babies, of course!!  This is the amazing Rogge family!  I’m so honored to have photographed Allana, Dan and Tempe because Allana is also a photographer.  It is SUCH a compliment when a fellow photographer entrusts you with the memories of her beautiful family.  And Tempe- let me tell you- this girl can pose and ham it up!  Probably the curse of being a photographer’s child…always ready for her close up!  Just look at those beautiful blue eyes and cute, crooked smile.  Love it.


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